Night Coyote
The name's Biviana, pleased to say hello.
I want to try and achieve many things.
I'm very adventurous, I get down for anything. and I think that's one of the few things that I really like about me is that I could have any conversation and get to their level. High school kid in New York.
I'm very easily influenced lol that can mean alot of things. In either getting in trouble or doing very good. Curious, I guess I just ask a bunch of questions. I can be very melancholy, its just me. I guess that is why I adherent to alot of things and people, because they'll always make me happy - God, family and friends or hobbies. I still habven't found my passion. But I'm working on it. I'll discover more and more things. I guess that's why I keep my tumblr so many cool people here that you just get inspired easily.

I have many barriers, I like tokeep myself away from many people because you just learn alot when your in your teens.
II have an obsession for or i guess you can say a major interest in, serial killers, physicology, and coyotes. I'm married to KiD CuDi xD, he's beautiful and so is his music.



I’ll literally answer a n y t h i n g

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